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Mr. Karl Totter

Mureck as a role model for an energy autonomous...

Slovenski E - forum we have invited representative of Austrian municipality Mureck to present their experience...

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Municipality Krško was at the awards ceremony convincing with its Sustainable Energy Action Plan

Municipality Krško was at the awards ceremony c...

Municipality Krško (MK) in the region of Spodnje Posavje has signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2012 and accepted...

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Rhein-Hunsrück District  – Innovative, Renewable and soon to be “Zero-Emitter”

Rhein-Hunsrück District – Innovative, Renewabl...

Since the starting point of the Agenda 21 Process in 1997 the District of Rhein-Hunsrück has pursued the goal t...

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“Region Osnabrück: Climate protection - Right here, right now!”

“Region Osnabrück: Climate protection - Right h...

Located in the North-West of Germany District Osnabrück provides excellent conditions to become a “winner”-Regi...

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Furth near Landshut – Setting an Example for Strong Civic Support of Renewables

Furth near Landshut – Setting an Example for St...

People in Furth use solar energy for already over 40 years. The natural conditions are average: quite a lot of...

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Project Day: Kindergarten Children Cook Eggs on Solar-Stove

Alheim on its Way into a Sustainable Future

Alheim is a rural community with a modern structure located in the centre of Germany’s Pro Region...

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