4th European award ceremony during international 100% Res Regions Congress

Plenary session during the 100% Renewable Energy Regions congress in 2012

Plenary session during the 100% Renewable Energy Regions congress in 2012

Published by Yannick Régnier on 18/07/2013

How could a best place be found to host the 4th European award ceremony? We invite you to join the international "100% RES regions" annual congress in Kassel (Germany) on the 24th and 25th of September 2013. The RES Champions League event will take place during the first congress day from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

What's new in the RES Champions League?

During this fourth season of the RES Champions League, some major changes happened. First and most significant one: 5 new countries (Austria, Belgium, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia) got associated to the action and a total of 12 countries are now involved. All in all, the national RES leagues now involve more than 10.000 municipalities representing 100 millions inhabitants over Europe. The RES Champions League is for sure the European reference for the evaluation of renewable energy development at local level. Still northern and southern countries should join the movement so that the participation of municipalities from the 28 countries is possible tomorrow: we are waiting for them !

A new rule was agreed this year: regional authorities are now eligible to European awards, whereas only cities and towns were in the past. Urban areas as well as rural territories, grouping several municipalities into a consistent catchment area, are pretty often the level at which a joint energy strategy is defined effectively and conducted efficiently.

Moreover, the selection process of European champions was strengthen thanks to the design and use of a complete questionnaire based on 30 criteria. The quantitative data on installed capacity of renewable energy units is still the main indicator to define the champions, however, the qualitative information submitted by the local authorities have also a key role in the final process.

Final phases of the RES Champions League 2013

The selection process is now well established. The champions were identified through a step-by-step approach successively at national level then European level:

  • Identification of several national challengers: Every national organization running a league selected a few challengers for the semifinal phase in every division. These challengers were identified by the national organization among best-ranked local authorities in the national RES league.
  • National semifinal: every national organization selected (only) one national challenger for the European final in every division, based on RES data and the answers to the questionnaire.
  • European final: the European jury eventually proceeded to a distant voting process (in two rounds) to select three champions among all finalists,  also based on RES data and the answers to the questionnaire.

The European jury, composed of energy experts, networks of local authorities, NGOs, journalists from all participating countries, welcomed this year two recognised European organisations in the field of sustainable energy: Climate Alliance and Rurener network. With the introduction of municipalities from additional countries, the competition became significantly harder in 2013 and the jury had Cornelian choices to do !

Award ceremony during "100% RES regions" congress

The international "100% RES regions" congress will take place on 24-25 September 2013 at the Congress Palais Kassel (Germany). The ceremony of the RES Champions League will consist in speeches from guest speakers and champions, illustrated with slideshows. The award of prizes will then be associated to photo sessions.

Next to the ceremony, two major sessions addressing international partners will be held in English, as part of the international programme. The first session is the Plenary Session entitled ”100% Renewable Energy goes global” (24/09, 5p.m. to 7 p.m.), involving the coordinators of "Go 100% RE" campaign and 100% RES Communities action. The second day, an International forum will be hosted by World Future Council in form of a “World café” (11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.).

At last, exhibition tours and field trips will be proposed in the congress programme and of course be open to all European champions and partners.

After Dunkerque (France, 2010), Prague (Czech  Republic, 2011), Rome (Italy, 2012), this fourth ceremony is very promising and would probably show to Europe that Germans are still somehow ahead in the process of energy transition...