The emperors of renewable energies were crowned in Rome

All 2012 champions at the door of the Pantheon in Rome

All 2012 champions at the door of the Pantheon in Rome to celebrate their prize of best renewable energy municipalities of Europe. PHOTO: Legambiente - Maria Assunta Vitelli

Published by Yannick Régnier on 05/07/2012

On the 5th of July 2012, the best municipalities for renewable energies were honoured in Rome (Italy), during a ceremony held in a building of the Italian Senate. Soon after the end of the football Euro championship, cards were played again... and the winners changed!

With Tacherting and Leutkirch at first place and Friedrich-Wilhelm-Lübke-Koog and Erlangen at the second one, Germany is still at the top when it comes to sustainable energy in Europe. However, challengers are getting stronger every year and two titles have been conceded to Tramayes (France) and Padova (Italy). And this is not to mention the fact that the competition will be open to 5 more countries (Austria, Belgium, Romania, Scotland and Slovenia) from 2013!

4500 European local authorities representing 65 million people from seven countries (Germany, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Czech republic) participated in the third season of the RES Champions League. Cumulated RES data from participants amounts to 5.000 MW solar photovoltaic, 2.500.000 m2 solar thermal, 1.500 MW biomass energy.

The European champions of the 2012 season are, per size division: 

Division European champions
General ranking:
less than 5,000 inh.
1st: Tramayes (France)
2nd: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Lübke-Koog (Germany)
3rd: Boly (Hungary)
Small cities and towns:
from 5,000 to 20,000 inh.
1st: Tacherting (Germany)
2nd: CC du Mené (France)
3rd: Szarvas (Hungary)
Medium cities and towns:
from 20,000 to 100,000 inh.
1st: Leutkirch (Germany)
2nd: Grosseto (Italy)
3rd: Zlin (Czech Republic)
Large cities and towns:
more than 100,000 inh
1st: Padova (Italy)
2nd: Erlangen (Germany)
3rd: Besançon (France)

Discover the reasons why these municipalities have been awarded in the following leaflet:

How are European champions defined?

In every country involved in the competition and every division, only one city, town or village is qualified among best-ranked municipalities in solar or biomass rankings to participate in the final of RES Champions League: therefore a European podium awards necessarily municipalities from three different countries.

European champions have been selected by a Jury composed of partners of the action (energy experts, environmental protection NGOs, municipalities network, specialized journalists) on the ground of quantitative criteria (installed power in renewable energy) and qualitative criteria (personal implication of elected persons, territorial dynamic).